Wind Energy



At Blackhawk Engineering, LLC, we’re committed to providing cutting-edge, heavy-duty precision CNC machining solutions for the evolving landscape of green energy. Leveraging our extensive expertise in contract manufacturing for traditional industries, we bring a wealth of crossover synergies to emerging energy markets. Specializing in modern machining techniques utilizing the latest technologies, we ensure competitive pricing and unwavering 100% on-time delivery for every project.

Why Choose Blackhawk Engineering, LLC for Wind Energy?

Expertise in Green Energy

Our extensive experience in machining forgings, castings, and fabrications positions us as the precision machining authority for the green energy sector.

Cutting-Edge CNC Capabilities

From gear cases, covers, and housings to shafts, motion components, and fluid manifold blocks, we offer a comprehensive suite of precision CNC capabilities tailored for wind energy.

Reliable Components

Count on us for brackets, guides, hubs, couplings, sleeves, and even light assembly, meticulously crafted for optimal performance.

Green Solutions

We provide innovative solutions that harness the power of wind energy, ensuring efficiency and reliability in every component.

Blackhawk Engineering, LLC: Precision for a Sustainable Future

Ready to harness the power of wind energy with precision components? Contact us today to explore how our green solutions can elevate your wind energy projects to new heights.



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