Welcome to BHE’s Agricultural Precision Solutions!

For over three decades, BHE has been a stalwart provider of top-tier equipment parts and components, meeting the exacting standards of durability, quality, and functionality demanded by the agricultural industry. Whether you’re a manufacturer or a hands-on professional in the field, rest assured that BHE’s machined parts adhere rigorously to specifications, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Why Choose BHE?

Unmatched Quality

Our parts and components are crafted to withstand the rigors of agricultural tasks, ensuring reliability when you need it most.

Competitive Pricing

BHE offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality or precision of our products.

Reliable Delivery

Count on us for punctual deliveries, every time, ensuring your projects stay on track.

Our Expertise in Agricultural CNC Machining:

BHE continually pioneers innovative solutions that generate value for all involved parties—manufacturers, dealers, and equipment owners. Our precision CNC capabilities specialize in:

  • Suspension and Powertrain Components
  • Gear Cases and Housings
  • Engine Blocks, Heads, and Exhaust Manifolds
  • Engine Components
  • Fuel/Fluid Power Manifold Blocks and Components

At BHE, our parts stand as a testament to excellence in the field. Trust us to deliver the precision and reliability your agricultural operations demand.



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